Top 5 problems when remodeling and how to avoid them

  So you’re really thinking of remodeling or renovating your home. You’ve watched some HGTV home renovation/remodeling shows, and you think sure we can do that! Or at least we can hire the right person to get it done! But what are the problems that can arise that will take your project from Fixer Upper […]

When will home remodeling prices come down?

Black Lab Home Repairs breaks down home remodeling prices.

Gas prices, home prices, groceries prices, and lumber prices. They all have one thing in common. Over the past year, they have all increased significantly. Inflation is hovering around 8% at the time of this writing. Home prices and home remodeling prices as well have increased far more than that. What caused these prices to […]

Is a permit really needed?

Is a permit really needed? Note: we are not legal advisors, and this should be in no way interpreted to be legal advice. Contact your own legal advisors to know what your legal exposure or potential exposure would be should you decide to be your own GC or contractor. You’re not doing a complete renovation, […]

How much will it cost?

The top question is almost always the bottom line, what is this remodel going to cost? It doesn’t matter if it is a #kitchen, #bath, #remodel, or even an addition to the house, more than 50% of the cost of the remodel will be up to the homeowner. Does that surprise you? This is why […]