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From custom-made doggie dish holders to deck repair and dry wall repair, we can help you with your carpentry needs. 


Leaky faucet?  Clogged garbage disposal?  Need something installed?  Sure we can help! Here is a list of common calls:
Professional electrical repairs services in Woodland, California


Light switches that sizzle? Outlets that don't work?  Have a ceiling fan that needs to be installed?  We can help with those, and we can help with the security system you want installed too!  Common calls received are for:

Fencing Repairs/Builds

We source our fencing lumber from local lumber yards in Yolo County.  We can build traditional-style wood post fences or metal post fences that will last a couple of generations! 
Professional remodeling services in Woodland, California


We offer full-service kitchen, bath, and outdoor remodeling services. For a detailed consultation please send us an inquiry so we can book an in-person consultation. We offer "aging in place" remodeling and medical home improvements to assist in recovery from surgery.

Custom Woodwork

Want a custom look or feel to your home?  Here are some of the custom woodwork that we offer to add that special feel of home to you house:

Professional Home Repair & Remodeling Services

If you have a home repair or a remodeling project that you are ready to get started, contact Black Lab Home Repairs today!

Al Aldrete of Black Lab Home Repairs Inc.

What We Do

Black Lab Home Repairs strives to give our clients an experience were they have a professional guide who assists in their home repair, remodeling and maintenance projects.  Our goal is to take away the stress and worry of having to find the right contractor for the job by giving you one phone number to call (or simply click on this link here to have a representative call you).

When our clients invest in our services, they are investing in the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they will get honest and reliable service from local people who genuinely care about doing the job right.

What We Don't Do

As much as we would love to be able to take on every project that you have on your list, that just isn’t feasible.  So we have listed on Our Services the types of projects we do, and there are a lot, but again, we know what our strengths are, and we prefer to stick to those.  So the types of projects we do not work on are:

Black Lab Home Repairs Rental Agreements

Rental Maintenance Agreements

Have a rental property? Have more than one? It’s no secrete that tenants can be a little rough on properties, but some of it isn’t their fault, there is also normal ware and tare that happens with all buildings. You got in to the rental industry to build a portfolio, not necessarily to fix the property yourself. That is where we can help.

Having a licensed, insured and bonded contractor keep an eye on the maintenance schedule and keep an inventory of all the assets can help you make better informed decisions of what is a high priority issue and what can be held off for a little while longer. Preventative maintenance on major mechanical assets, like HVAC units and water heaters can help extend the life of the unit, and can find issues before they become costly disasters that can ruin cashflow and in some cases create the need for major repairs to be done.

Our RMA’s are not just about the HVAC system, although they are a part of what we do, but we take a top-down approach, from the roof top to floor boards and everything in between. We have three levels of plans available which are all designed to make sure the property does what you intended it to do. Give a home to a deserving tenant, while not costing you an arm and a leg to maintain it. We can be there from the time prior to leasing the property through out the time it is rented, and the event of tenant turn over, we help you prepare the property for the next tenant. Be sure to contact us now to get your RMA set up right away!

Learn About Your Building
Permit Requirements

Find out everything you need to know about building permits in your area before you start a new project.

To learn more about the Woodland City Building permit requirements, please visit the Woodland City Building Department website.

To learn more about the Davis City Building permit requirements, please visit the Davis City Building Department website.

Our 7-Step Remodeling Process

We offer a simple 7-step process to help you streamline your remodeling project

Client Testimonials

Al Aldrete is the consummate professional. Appointments are easy to schedule and communication is clear and prompt. Not only does Al complete work in a timely manner, he often brainstorms solutions for difficult situations. We appreciate Al's service.

Beta Pi Housing Corporation

"We would highly recommend Al and Black Lab Home Repairs to our neighbors, family, and friends. Al helped us get a townhouse we owned in Davis to sell - we had renters in the home for about 5 years. We felt comfortable from the beginning talking to Al and letting him know exactly what we wanted/needed. Al always listened and spoke to us so we knew and understood exactly what he was doing. All of the work was done professionally and on time. We were very happy with all the work Al did for us. We would hire Al again in a “heart beat”! We only wish he worked in Galt to help us with our next project."

Greg and Debbie Sutter - Davis, CA Resell Ready

"Al's work is first-class... he's on time, on-budget, and very easy to work with. I highly recommend him... a five star operation."

Tom Read - David, CA Nextdoor review

"Al at Black Lab Home Repairs is friendly, competent, knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor! He realized my situation was somewhat of an emergency and stepped up to the plate. The repairs Al made were completed precisely and in a timely manner. Forever grateful for his services!"

Laurie Megonnigil Nextdoor review

"Al was amazing, took on a job I imagine few would do as well. He repaired an attic access cover door, completely rebuilding it from scratch and seeing that it fit perfectly in a door frame that was now out of square due to settling of the house. He was very professional, on time, courteous, skilled and gave accurate estimate of the job. I can't say enough good things about the service and Al. Anytime I need a handyman, I know who to call."

Vedder Wright - David, CA Nextdoor Review

"Excellent handyman- the best of both worlds, professionally skilled and trust worthy!"

Courtney Voskuhl - Woodland, CA Nextdoor Review

"Al was informative, professional, accommodating and very easy to work with. I recommend him to the community."

Steve Farebrother - Woodland, CA Nextdoor Review

"The Owner, Al Aldrete, is a very busy person, but we feel his service is worth waiting for. His repairs for us today ought to outlast us."

Susan L. Nextdoor Review

"Al is so personable, positive, and professional. He is also super knowledgeable and skilled. Al also has a great amount of integrity about the way he conducts himself and his work, so you can count on him to get whatever job he is working on done right."

Jen Rode - Woodland, CA Nextdoor Review

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